We no longer offically offer the Earlypay System and the forms have been turned off. The admin time behind running it far out weighted its benefit.


In emergencies, an Earlypay can still be requested via normal communication methods. There is no additional charge for this as the previous system had (50p per transfer). It may or may not be actioned at the discretion of the individual staff member at the time they read it, for instance, if they believe the office is too busy or a request is coming in too often (more than once per 6 months) from a single member it may be declined.


Staff have very limited time to reply to all queries, an early pay is the bottom of the priority list.


The defination of an Earlypay is being paid earnings before the normal process would of paid it out, eg. If you work on a Monday and wish to also be paid on the same day but staff would of normally automatically processed in their normal work load on a Tuesday. The admin time for this event is doubled as one is actioning an earlypay but the next day other staff also have to process the same earnings into the system to correct the early pay balance, this is the reason a small fee was applied but this fee doesnt cover the costs involved in actioning hundreds of these per day.

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2021-10-16 17:22
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