How to download and install Justcamit for Adultwork?

Justcamit is the software we use for the main chat room. It can be downloaded here or here.

To install click the above link. Download it to your PC and open it.

Next follow these steps:

1. Click Next
2. Agree to the Terms Of Service. Click next.
3. Enter name "Adultwork", company is "Adultwork" then click next.
4. On the installation folder section just click next.
5. Short cut folder, click next.
6. Ready to install, click next and it will install.

Justcamit Logo on Desktop
After this find the webcam icon (as above) on your desktop for Justcamit and open it. Then follow the instructions below.

(If you wish to enable audio to attract more clients click audio in the top menu and click Enable Audio, dont forget to enable audio here also by ticking "I have a microphone and wish to send my audio")

If you can see your webcam on the left ok then proceed to the next step, if not read the next few lines.

> Click Video then Setup. A menu will appear. In video Device make sure your webcam is selected. Then click close.

Now that you can see your webcam its time to log in.

1. Click login then login to server.
2. You will see a box asking for four details, enter the details from below:


Account ID: 223742

Username: Your Adultwork username

Password: Your Adultwork password


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2020-04-30 16:17
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