15th July "Bank Account Details Required" email from AW

Hi all, the email is added below. You may of got this from Adultwork.


For DP (dailypay) members: There is nothing for you to do, we will take care of everything here.


For AW dailypay groups using our service: There is nothing for you to do, we will take care of everything here.






This email is to notify you that as of Wednesday, July 21st, you will need to re-submit your beneficiary details when requesting a bank transfer. (Any pending transfer requests made before this date will be unaffected and processed as normal.)

We will be removing any beneficiary details that have not been accepted to date and changing the status of your current beneficiary details to 'Rejected'. This will allow you to copy the details when updating your bank details.

You will notice a new area within the beneficiary selection page for 'VAT Beneficiaries'. This section is only relevant to:

- Members registered and residing within the EU (which does not include the UK from January 1st 2021)

- Members residing in the rest of the world need to produce VAT invoices for their business.

Please be aware that beneficiary bank account approval may take longer than usual, we will aim to process your details as soon as possible. If we do not receive your details by Saturday, July 24th, you may miss the transfer cut-off for that week. Once we have received and processed your details, you will be able to continue withdrawing to your bank account.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


The AdultWork.com Team

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