Manual escrow Adultwork

If you are reading this page you most likely have got a "manual escrow" on Adultwork.


What is a manual escrow?


This simply means Adultwork is holding the credits, it can be for numerous reasons.

What reasons?


If the client is new to you, they may also be new to the site, they may of just created their account and spent a large amount of money in a short space of time, triggering a red flag and Adultwork will then investigate to make sure the person is legit.

Once found to be legit, credits will be returned to you. If the client doesnt respond to AW, credits will also be returned to you after a period of time (180 days).

If found to be credit card fraud etc, credits will be refunded back to the original card.

Credits may also be held in a dispute, eg you do a webcam show but the client says it didnt take place.

In all cases, only AW will have the answer to why the manual escrow has occurred and its best to contact them about it.

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