Paxum no longer issuing payment cards

With the recent updates (June 2021) at Paxum that they no longer issue payment cards the amount of members being paid via Paxum from The Dailypay Service has dropped, this also means our demand for incoming Paxum transfers has also dropped.

Services affected:

Paxum Exchange (will be completely turned off to new signups)

Onlyfans (will be completely turned off to new signups)

Any other site that people use to send us Paxum by (will be completely turned off to new signups)

This article is accurate at the time of writing (1st July 20201). We will continue to monitor the levels of incoming verus outgoing Paxum to get the ratio right. It may involve completely turning off the above services to all members who send us Paxum payments.


Paxum payouts to members are not affected.

Last update:
2021-07-01 09:23
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