How can I work out my Niteflirt earnings?

Fee: Direct with NF 30%, with DP it changes to -33.5%.


NF Calculator is here.


To work out your Niteflirt earnings first login here


After this, click "My Account" then "Transaction Details".


On this page it will show a statement view of all earnings, expenses and for payouts more importantly "ExpressPay".


You are paid based on ExpressPays, when one leaves the account NF sends it to us, when you wish to be paid you fill out the quick Payout On Request form here. Funds will then be sent to your nominated payee information.


If for example you had 1 express on the 1st of the month and requested payout, then had another 5 come out, you will be paid 1 lump sum for all 5 express pays, not individual amounts, savings on any potential fees.

An ExpressPay looks like this:


Niteflirt ExpressPay





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