How can I work out my Niteflirt earnings?

 To work out your Niteflirt earnings first login here


After this, click "My Account" then "".


You will now see the summary for the current month.


It may look similar to this:

Niteflirt Earnings Summary





 Now we want to click on the "Export to CSV". This will download a complete copy of records to your computer that can be opened in either Windows Office Excel or Open Office which can be downloaded for free here. Office office uses the program "calc" to view and edit the CSV file so you dont need to install the other software.

Once you open the CSV document feel free to adjust the sizing of the columns to a readable state as they usually open clumped together.

The file should look like this:

CSV file


The red circles indicate where you can adjust the sizes of the columns.

The blue circles indicate Express Pays, these can safely be ignored and their values must be deleted from the CSV when calculating your earnings. Express Pays are when NF (Niteflirt) is paying us only, they are not an expense or addition to earnings).

The Green circle indicates this examples "start date/time" and the purple circle indicates the "end date/time", there are important to track your earnings as you need to know when you were paid from and to.


For the next step if there isnt many earnings you can use a calculator to work out earnings, expenses are listed in the debits column and earnings in the credits column. Minus all expenses and then add all earnings to get the total figure. Then from here minus 10% = profit to your selected payout method. In total Niteflirt with Dailypay is -37% (NF 30% and DP 7%) but as NF has already taken their % from these figures you will need to take 10% to get the correct profit figure.

If you have alot of transactions you can delete the express pay values, press Control+H to get the replace box up, in the "find what" field put $ and in the "replace with" field leave empty then press "replace all". This will remove all the $ from the file (autosum wont work with them visible).

After removing all the $, find your start date/time and your end date/time (most likely the very top transaction as that would be up to the minute) and use autosum to get the total debits first, then use autosum to get the total credits and minus the debits from the credits to get the earnings figure and finally -10% to get the profit.

All start and end dates/times are held on record by DP for record checking.

What is an Express Pay? Express pay is NF sending funds to us, it in no way affects your earnings or your payout, completely safe to ignore.

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