Adultwork Homepage Featuring (Free)

This article is in relation to the free homepage featuring we offer.


We feature the group everyday as usual, for members we feature them in the following slots:

Directcammer of the day

Phonechat member of the day

Content creator of the day


Cost: Free to any Adultworks Finest Performers.


When/How is it offered: Currently to try and keep these highly sought after advertising areas open to everyone, they are offered by way of a competition in the whatsapp group (contact us to be added to the group if not already in it).


In the group chat we will randomly post a message saying "60 seconds countdown - Phonehchat member of the day", then after 60 seconds has expired we post a message saying "Hi, would anyone like to be phonechat member of the day for tomorrow?", the first person to respond to the message wins.


What happens next?: After this, we will PM you, confirm you have access to your registered AW email address and then send you X amount of vouchers to pay for the auction bids. You can redeem them yourself or send the code in chat back to us. If you win the auction, we transfer the remainder of credits back off the profile.

Terms of use: We request that if you bid on one of these that you are available to make the most use out of them, eg free to work on that day, otherwise it goes to waste when someone else could of needed it and used it.


If you have recently won an auction via us (30 days) for the one we are offering in the group chat then best let any other person try to win, if no-one responds then feel free to ask for it.

The competition via group chat is for us to make a bid for you, free of charge. You may not win the homepage auction if we are outbid. It doesnt roll over, you cannot pick a different day.




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