How to get the most out of Justcamit and and improve your stream quality

The guide below is 100% essential if you do webcam work on


Quality is everything when it comes to webcam work online. Do you have an HD webcam but havent set JCI (Justcamit) up to broadcast in HD? Clients having a hard time hearing you due to audio quality being set to low? All can be fixed below:


With Justcamit open and not logged in, click "video" at the top left menu to get this screen:


JCI settings


The goal is to max out the settings within the limits of your computer and internet connection. As these settings will be different for all users you will have to test a few and see how high you are able to set the settings.


You can tell when you have maxed out your computer when one of the below goes red:


JCI info panel


CPU must stay below 70%, you want FPS at 30 and BW as high as possible.

Also in the "audio" option in the top left menu of Justcamit dont forget to set the Max Bitrate to 42.4 kbps, this will give far superior audio quality. See below:


JCI audio menu



This is a breakdown of everything relating to video settings:



The encoder lets you choose which video capture device to use. When JustCamIt loads for the first time, it will choose the default video capture device. A similar action occurs when you reopen JustCamIt and the previous video capture device has been removed or unplugged from the computer.


JustCamIt Supports:

·USB webcams, capture devices (USB 3.0 or above recommended)

·Firewire (iLink) webcams, camcorders, capture devices

·PCI video capture cards

·HDMI capture cards (BlackMagic Intensity)

·Almost any device with a DirectShow driver


Image Size

Most capture devices allow you to pick the image size at which to capture at.

Common sizes are 320x240 and 640x480 which is also what the viewer will see.

After selecting the image size the encoder will rebuild the configuration and alert you if there are any errors.


Frame Rate

This tells the encoder what frame rate to expect from the capture device, it does not guarantee that this speed will be achieved. If you set this rate higher than your capture device is able to maintain, then you will have quality issues and will be alerted of this problem on the Stats panel with a red FPS number. If you notice a very high CPU load try lowering the frame rate to reduce the load.


Max Bitrate

This tells the encoder what maximum bitrate to encode the video at. The higher the number, the better the quality of the image. It also puts a higher bandwidth requirement on your Internet connection. Regardless of what setting you put here, JustCamIt will have the final say on the actual bitrate after it logs into our server and performs an upload bandwidth test. It will not let you push more than 70% of what it measured during the test.



Sometimes you may have a video source that needs extra pixels trimmed around its edges. This is often the case when you are capturing video with an analog input from S-Video or Composite sources. JustCamIt will remember these settings for each device.


Encoder Size

This is the setting that tells the encoder what size to stream to your viewer. A larger size requires more bandwidth to give a quality image. Other issues are CPU load which will increase dramatically based on the Image Size and Frame Rate. The encoder image size will never be larger than the capture device image size. For USB devices this will be automatically set. Firewire devices have the option of changing this.



Deinterlacing is required anytime you are capturing from an interlaced source such as a S-Video, Composite input on an analog capture device. The checkbox will gray out if video source is not detected as a TV standard such as NTSC or PAL.


Advanced image adjustment

The Advanced... button will open the capture device's custom page(s) that give you access to various adjustments like contrast, brightness, color saturation, sharpness, etc..

Important !!!!! Disable RightLight feature on Logitech webcams.

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