Adultwork profile icons

Adultwork profile icons:

 Simply copy and paste the image into your profile for it to appear. They can also be used in profile summary. Some require 2 icons to be beside eachother to come to life.










More can be found here


For these to work, copy the code below to your profile, eg [:P]

 These will not work in profile summary.

Confused smile. [:S]
Disappointed smile. [:|]
Dont tell anyone smile. [:-#]
Feeling sick. [+o(]
Happy face. [:)]
Opened mouth smile. [:D]
Suprised face. [:-O]
Thumbs down/no. [N]
Thumbs up/yes. [Y]
Tongue out. [:P]
Unhappy face. [:(]
Wink [;)]
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